Saturday, November 29, 2008

Episode IV - A New Hope

I have a new toy. Honestly, I'm techy enough to get around, I do run one of the largest data centers on the East Coast. But when I decided to break my normal anti-social behavior and enter the social networking world, I had no interest in putting thought into it. My daughter Leah was kind enough to help me get set up. So, now I have a new toy. And it's much nicer than my first toy, but coconuts were cheap in Miami where I was born.

I actually have a specific reason for starting this blog thing and I'll get to that when I'm darn good and ready. Oh, sorry, I forgot this is a social network. If I was smart, I would start a new anti-social network and make millions of dollars.

So, now I'm in Facebook and LinkedIn and running a blog. Could amount to TMI. Time will tell. Past is Prologue.

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